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At Data Papers we aim to improve sustainability by utilizing Best in Industry Practices beginning in 2002 Data Papers continues to keep Plantwide Scrap Paper Waste below industry standards. In 2003 we initiated a Process Improvement Program (PIP). This was vital to our organization in cutting down on waste, improving processes and reducing the number of steps in the supply chain.

  • Our UV Printing has an innovative drying method. This method uses UV Light to cure the ink in a matter of seconds, which saves on the emissions of VOCs (UV inks emit less than 1% VOCs). This is a fraction of the time it would take for printers that use heat for the same goal.
  • We utilize a Soy Based Ink on the offset side, which is one of the most popular eco-friendly options today and enhances the low VOC percentages.
  • We also offer Digital Printing that contributes to our sustainability. Digital printers produce less CO2 emissions compared to more traditional printing presses. As well as producing less waste than conventional printers. On the digital side we use a Biomass toner technology that reduces CO2 emissions through carbon neutral processes.
  • We utilize GreenLine\Refurbished Office equipment when possible, to show our commitment to the environment. This remanufacturing process follows strict ISO 9001:2002 requirements with devices being certified, tested, and updated before they are made available to us with a like-new appearance.
  • Our paper waste, old ink and toner, aluminum cans and plastic bottles are recycled. We also provide the state of Pennsylvania with a residual waste report every 2 years.

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