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We are very proud of our employees, even if they have some strange issues...

  • Gwen Rooker, Customer Service Rep.
    Gwen Rooker, Customer Service Rep.
    Gwen has been with Data Papers since 1985. She spends most of her day providing quotes and product information to our customers.

    Gwen is quick to point out that she was hired at age 8. We tried to verify this by looking through her personnel file, but the pages were stuck together from so much white out.

  • Jerry Wertz, President & CEO
    Jerry Wertz, President & CEO
    Jerry came to Data Papers in 2005, after leadership positions in the pharmaceutical and steel industries. Call him anytime at (570)244-7200. Jerry loves to talk about new technologies and ideas, such as digital printing and pURLs.

    Jerry has a wife, two dogs and a bad golf swing.

  • Jody Jolin, Customer Service Rep
    Jody Jolin, Customer Service Rep
    Jody is our newest member of the Data Papers team. She has an extensive background in sales and marketing as she worked for the Williamsport Sun Gazette for over 15 years. She graduated from Lycoming College with a degree in Mass Communications and Advertising. She is a veteran of the United States Army. Jody even carried mail for the United States Postal Service over the years. Jody has a positive attitude and is always looking at the bright side of every situation. Her philosophy is “there are no problems – just opportunities!”

    She loves the community and working with customers to provide the best customer service possible.

    Jody is a chauffeur for her four kiddos from baseball and basketball games to swim meets and school activities there is never a dull moment. When she does get some free time, Jody loves a Dewey Beach road trip whenever possible!

  • Rick Pasco, Sales Manager
    Rick Pasco, Sales Manager
    Rick has been at Data Papers since 1990. He splits his time between the office and the road. Rick is the go-to guy for technical information and special deals. Call him anytime on his cell at (570)244-7228.

    Rick has two sons serving our country - Tony in the Air Force, and Michael in the Army. Crossing Rick may be foolish, given his alleged mob ties.

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